Google Analytics

SGD 25.00

Google analytics allows data on visitor traffic and behavior to be collected and synthesized into meaningful marketing insights and actions for continual improvement of a store's performance. Date: 26th September 2018 TIme: 10am - 12pm Learning Objective: • Identify the right questions and know where to look for the answers • What is happening on my website right now? • Who are the actual visitors visiting my webstore and what are their characteristics? • How did the visitors get to my webstore? • What do the visitors do when they are on my webstore? We recommend participants to bring their laptops to benefit more from this session. This workshop is ideal for; 1. Entrepreneurs who are already running a business either through a physical store, events, social media, etc who want a dedicated online store 2. Professionals offering services such as yoga classes, art lessons, legal, account, medical services, etc who want a dedicated website 3. Entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting any online business (products or services) in the near future