A technology company that makes everyone an online seller

The idea of Shopmatic was born out of a simple realisation - there are millions of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world who wish to take their business online. They believe it could be their path to a stronger and brighter economic future. But they just don't know how to do so. They fear the complexity  and the costs of putting together the many technological pieces of the ecommerce puzzle. In reality, the ecommerce playing field is just not level enough for everyone. At Shopmatic, we believe in removing these very complexities of setting up an ecommerce business. We  leverage technology to bring together all the pieces of the ecommerce ecosystem on a single platform. We want everyone to be able to sell online and do it well from the beginning. With ease & confidence. Integrating payment and delivery systems, managing selling channels, evolving technology & digital devices - we will handle all these challenges for you . Leaving just one job for you to do - focus 100% on your business.